The Best Way to Job Search


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In the beginning, the hiring process is about who not to hire! So, a job seeker’s first goal is to AVOID BEING SCREENED-OUT (especially if they have distracting barriers). Then they should focus on marketing what they offer so employers can decide to hire them. Keeping it simple, there are 3 ways to market to an employer… paper, phone and person. Credible references are 4th category, but even these come to employers on paper, over the phone or in person. Understanding this, and asking a few key questions allows anyone to job search in a way that lets them shine and saves them time.

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5 Tips For Pitching Your Talent, Not Your Status


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You probably know that you are more employable when you are employed. It may seem unfair, but employers prefer to hire someone who has already been chosen and tested. Plus, with so many talented people competing for jobs, employers must find ways to quickly screen out lots of us, thus the rise of online applications, blind ads, and even postings that state “jobless candidates need not apply.” It’s frustrating and unfair, but here’s my question: How does the employer know if we are jobless? The answer: We tell them! Our company offers professionals in the business – Doors Replacement Toronto. Top Toronto, who is engaged in construction, design, support their work. Price, quality, and customer reviews speak volumes!

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6 Ways to Overcome Any Employment Barrier


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Everyone has barriers to employment. To overcome yours, think like the employers you want to work for, identify and prove you are an ideal candidate in terms of ability as well as presentation, dependability, motivation attitude, and network too (these are the six reasons you’ll get hired … or not), then discover anything that may be used by employers (or you) to screen you out, and create solutions using these six tools. For more on how to discover and overcome your employment barriers, get “The 6 Reasons You’ll Get the Job” by Debra Angel MacDougall & Elisabeth Harney Sanders-Park.

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