Elisabeth Sanders-Park, President

For more than 15 years, Elisabeth has lead the field in bringing career development to the rest of America. America’s ‘tough career transitions’ expert, she is dedicated to helping service providers get great results for people with barriers.


  • L.A. Times’ Top 10 Career Book of the Year “No One Is Unemployable” (by Harney & Angel)
  • “The 6 Reasons You’ll Get the Job” (by Sanders-Park & MacDougall, foreword by Richard Bolles, author of “What Color is Your Parachute?”)
  • The WorkNet Model of Career Development & Job Placement for People with Barriers, with Debra Angel
  • “Workplace Excellence Series: What Employers Really Want Today”
  • “How to Be A Knowledge Nomad: Cultivating Career Resilience in A Job-LESS World” (due in 2013)
  • ‘Working with Difficult Clients’ columnist for the international newsletter of the Career Planning & Adult Development


  • helped establish more than 150 programs across the U.S. and Australia, impacting the lives of more than 1 million job seekers.
  • consults to workforce, human service, and non-profit agencies across the U.S. to designed and improve program, and increase outcomes.


  • trained more than 15,000 employment/career/workforce development practitioners across the U.S., Canada, and Australia.
  • known for her signature blend of relentless hope and practicality, Elisabeth delivers fresh perspective and practical strategies with wisdom and humor.


  • 15+ years leading the field in bringing career development to people with employment barriers
  • author of ground-breaking books
  • columnist for CPAD’s international newsletter
  • resident ‘Tough Career Transitions’ expert for the national Career Thought Leaders
  • developer and instructor for The Academies ‘Certified Tough Transitions Career Coach’ program
  • recognized for her “Contribution to the Field’ by the Association for Job Search Training