Equipping & inspiring you to increase outcomes with even your toughest clients

Why Use WorkNet Tools? Because they Work!

For more than 15 years, we have helped service providers improve their outcomes, practitioners get immediate and lasting results with even their toughest clients, and people from all walks of life to begin and succeed in careers. WorkNet tools work for:

A Wide Range of Clients – They get results for job seekers and career changers at all levels, from those recently laid-off from good jobs, to those who have never worked, and everyone in between.

Your Toughest Clients – They engage and equip even clients who are mandated, unmotivated, resistant, fearful, multi-barriered, didn’t enjoy school, and more. They accommodate the various learning styles, connect with clients on a personal level, and let them apply the lessons in ways that work for them.

You – They make you more effective, more efficient, and more confident.

Tools for use with Job Seekers – Journals, Fast Tracks & Games
Each of these tools can stand-alone be used in a series, or be mixed ‘n matched to meet your needs. Facilitation materials are available for each.

Our Journals offer an intense walk through the career development process. The full series represents 50-60 hours of workshops.
Work Motivation lets people discover what’s in it for them to work, so they fully engage in your services and their job search.
Career Path Strategies teaches people how careers are developed today, so they build vision and skills for success in their search and on-the-job.
My Career Planner assesses and combines a person’s key fascinations, skills and values, so they identify their career direction and next job target.
Overcoming Barriers (with Card Sort) helps people think like the employer, identify their barriers, and create solutions so they avoid getting screened-out.
Understanding the U.S. Business Culture teaches people the attitudes and behaviors that will make them success in the world of work, so they land faster and stay longer.
Working for Advancement offers 10 steps that workers at any level can use to increase their value, get a raise or promotion, or make a career move.
Creating Your Job Search Strategy helps people craft an individualized search strategy, so they highlight strengths and qualifications, minimize barriers, and land faster.
Marketing Yourself on Paper teaches people how to maximize their job search efforts using traditional and non-traditional approaches.
Marketing Yourself in Person helps people prepare to shine when they meet employers, so they make a great impression and get the job.
Marketing Yourself Over the Phone teaches people to shorten their search and impress employers using the phone, so they get hired faster.




Starter Kits offer everything you need to serve 20 clients using our journals or fast tracks.
Deluxe Starter Kits include additional, reusable tools for workshops and staff development.




Fast Tracks quickly engage and move people to meaningful action. The series represents 20-26 hours of workshops.

What Do I Want From A Job? helps people discover their motivation, so they engage in services and their search.
Perfect Ten assesses fascinations, skills and values, so your clients can start a career, not just get a job.
Career Exploration teaches ‘Backward Career Paths’, so they see how to get to their dreams from where they are.
No Fear! acknowledges the ‘fear factor’ and helps people identify and reduce their fears, so they can move forward.
Screened –Out gives the employers’ take on why they aren’t getting interviews or offers, so they can solve it.
Solutions teaches five proven solution tools to overcome any barrier, so they can remove their screen-outs.
Explain This helps people craft good answers to tough interview questions, so they get more offers.
Today’s Business Culture presents today’s world of work, so they can become ‘bi-cultural’ for success..
Uniquely You helps people craft selling points to prove they meet the employer’s needs and can do the job..
The Best Way to Job Search lets people develop a unique marketing strategy, so they reduce their job search time.
Mining for Gold helps people craft a resumes that proves they meet the employer’s needs, so they get interviews.
Stand Out from the Crowd prepares people, so they can succeed in behavioral, panel, and group interviews.
The Hidden Market helps people find and capitalize on more opportunities, so they land jobs faster.




Games accelerate and deepen the learning by bringing profound lessons to life and honoring various learning styles.

The Unemployed Chicken quickly reveals peoples’ fears, dreams, and motivations in a safe setting.
Let’s Make A Deal allows people to recall and reclaim their dreams, or choose new ones.
Basket of Crabs uncovers what may hold a person back as they endeavor to move forward.
Kooshing! is a simple, versatile technique to keep your groups interactive.
Culture Shock! reminds people that the work world is like a foreign culture, so they can become fluent and succeed.
What If…? lets people decide how to successfully handle on-the-job problems before they have to.
Goin’ My Way? shows the value of cultivating professional mentors.
Trade Ya’ focuses people on the employer’s bottom-line, so they are prepared to offer strong value.
Put Yourself in My Shoes puts people in the employer’s shoes so they can improve their interview performance.
Mock Interviews helps you organize a productive activity to prepare people for interviewing success.
The WorkNet Game Box offers all the props and instructions for the ten games listed above.
Sole Survivor lets people choose who to hire so they see their search from the employer’s perspective.


WorkNet Model Handbook: A Guide for Designing, Establishing and Operating a WorkNet Model Program
How to Say ‘the Hard Things’ to Candidates
Three Option Rule: Teaching people to see new options, make better decisions and take personal responsibility
Think Like the Employer (PADMAN) Poster



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