The Worknet Model

The WorkNet Model: Career Development & Job Placement for People with Barriers

More than 20 years of front-line experience and research has gone into developing the WorkNet Model. The goal of the model is to help people begin and succeed in careers that lead to long-term career success and satisfaction, with a special focus on helping people with significant barriers.

The WorkNet Model covers the entire career development process, from candidate engagement and motivation, through career planning, overcoming barriers and preparing for success in the business culture, to placement and career success mentoring for retention and advancement.


As a model of career development, the focus is not merely job placement and retention, but also long-term economic self-sufficiency, career success and satisfaction. As a model of job placement, extensive focus and support is also given to candidates as they market themselves to employers who offer their career path. The result is an employee with a better attitude who learns quicker and works harder, making them more valuable to employers, and a community member whose career clarity and know-how allows them to be career resilient throughout their working life, and able to maintain self-sufficiency and career success.

Used by hundreds of other organizations across the globe, the WorkNet approach and curriculum produces excellent measurable results:

  • 80%+ job placement
  • 60%+ employment retention at one year
  • 25%+ career advancement within one year


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